Does not restart crashed process: speedfan

Started by Henry Yei, September 16, 2013, 06:13:57 AM

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Henry Yei

I have Process Lasso Pro 6.6.10 64 installed and have added c:\program files (x86)\speedfan\speedfan.exe

for processes to keep running. When I suspend and resume, speedfan often crashes. However it doesn't seem like Process Lasso is starting up speedfan when it is not running. Is there something I am missing here? I defaults, no commandline switches for speedfan.

The feature seems to work fine on another process, so it must just be speedfan.


probably because of not clean close of speedfan, since it crashed .
Have you checked when it crashes does it still show in list and if so useage and memory ?

I don't know if it would work but could try setting it for watchdog and set it for working class with a real low memory as set for "less than" and then in last field "restart the process"

Again not sure this will work but worth try .
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I think it might be adding a watchdog feature, like the program is "Not responding" and restart it, but this is another topic. :)
Did you check that after the crash, did the speedfan process has been killed/end?

Henry Yei

I tried to force terminate it with Process Lasso, and it gets started right up with the PL feature.
Speedfan didn't crash the last time I suspended, so I'll have to keep an eye out, since I'd been noticing it multiple times where my Speedfan tray icon disappeared and my fans went to 100% (fan get set to 100% when speedfan exits). This was one of the two main reasons I upgraded Process Lasso (to keep speedfan and audioswitch running)


what are your system specs , If latest Intel (last 3 gens) there are some bios settings that may help .

Like disabling "internal PLL overvoltage " in bios .
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Henry Yei

I am running a AMD FX8350 on a Asusm5a99fx motherboard (32GB ram), windows 8 pro (64)

Jeremy Collake

SpeedFan always has been a nice application for what it does. I used to use it for displaying hardware sensors in the system tray. Perhaps the author added one too many features, it's unfortunate that it is crashing on resume :o.

Is there a 'app crashed' dialog that shows up? If so, the process isn't fully terminated until this dialog is closed. This window could get hidden behind others, I believe, though should start out topmost for sure. Could that be the reason behind this?

I will do some extra testing of the Keep Running feature to be sure though! I haven't tweaked or tuned that in a long time, as it's generally just worked, afaik.
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As a old user of speedfan, I can say sometimes I also saw speedfan hang, but don't crash.
And yes, the crashed dialog don't showing up, so I think this is more like it hang on the initialization.

Henry Yei

Ok it finally happened again. The speed fan tray indicator disappeared. I looked at process lasso and the speedfan.exe was "still" running. I was relatively certain the last time it happened, I didn't see a speedfan process, but I could have been wrong.

Even with the tray app running, there is still only one speedfan entry in process lasso, so I dont know if process lasso can help this issue at all. I also use it to show temps on the tray(and control fans). :(.

I have not noticed a crashed app dialog box specific to speedfan. Everyonce in awhile I've seen such a dialog that I associated with one of the Asus mobo update apps. I'll pay more attention to make sure it isn't speedfan in some cases.


Yeh , I don't think there much PL can do if the process is still running .
What you need to find out is did speedfan crash/not-responding or was it just speedfan tray icon/data that stopped .
Can you tell if fan profiles are still working or can you still bring up main speedfan window , it might just be the tray icon .

I would also give speedfan dev a heads up on this, maybe it could be fixed later on .
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Yup, if it is showing not-responding, I think PL might adding feature to detect it.

And it should be telling the speedfan dev too. :)