IP changes to be done in firmware using FMK

Started by Ayansh1, September 19, 2013, 11:10:17 AM

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Hello Guys,
     I had upgraded my Cisco firmware to DD-WRT mini. Here the default IP is which I need to change to So I have to upgrade this DD-WRT firmware so that it by default gives IP By looking into the extracted firmware, it seems that this all information is saved in /rootfs/etc/defaults.bin file.
So if I change IP address in this file and rebuild the firmware, then will the firmware by default value will change to ? I had already bricked one of my router  :'( and do not want to brick another. Can you guys please let me know if I change any value inside /etc/defaults.bin file, then will it brick me router?

I will be really thankful to you guys.


Jeremy Collake

Other changes may be necessary, or maybe that's sufficient.

You should work with a router you can unbrick first. Alternatively, you could try a virtual machine, at least testing the network configuration of your customized DD-WRT image before flashing it.

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Thanks for reply.
I want to perform some changes like Router name, Router IP Changes to, Enabling SSH by default, Enabling HTTPS by default etc. I was able to do perform Router name changes. Now was testing with IP changes. I was not knowing that we can test with virtual machine. I will first try to search how can we do that.

I am really Thankful to you.



the very basic thing you could do is add a script in /etc/init.d where the file name start with a "S".

This file should contain a condition that chack if router have been reseted then change the default router IP via Nvram command....
Like this :

if [ "$(nvram get http_username)" = "bJ/GddyoJuiU2" and  "$(nvram get http_passwd)" = "bJz7PcC1rCRJQ"   ]
  nvram set lan_ipaddr="";
  nvram commit;

as result, if login and password have not been set(this a key a i used to know if device have been reset), then the IP will change