Process Lasso and pl1.tmp, pl2.tmp etc ???

Started by neophil78, October 07, 2013, 05:47:54 PM

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Hi there,

Don't know exactly if it has something to do with Process Lasso (i think so) but since latest V (or previous one perhaps ...) when starting PC (XP SP3 french family Edition or Seven Starter Edition) i find files named like "pl1.tmp" / "pltC33E.tmp" sized = 0 Ko in user temporary local files and if not deleted, others ones are created at each boot ...

I think it comes with Process Lasso because of the begining of files names (plxx) and because i have nothing's new by other way on PC's wich may create those files

It's not a drama and don't seem to have any consequences, but i'd wanted to point it out  :o

Any info about that ?




I think it is, as I also getting pltD32.tmp in the temp folder.

And I will also like to know why this file will need to be created. :)

Jeremy Collake

Yes, I see!

One is generated each time the GUI starts. It's incidental debris from some GUI display stuff. I had forgot that GetTempFileName not only generates a temporary file name, but also goes ahead and creates it to reserve the filename.

I've corrected it now, for all future versions. Thanks for reporting it!
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