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Started by horizon, June 16, 2009, 02:50:30 PM

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Hi All,
not sure, if these were already mentioned, but it would be helping to have following options:

1. Custom action on restrain starting
Typically CMD script. Yes, ProcessLasso should be able to give some output variables like processname, PID, username, sessionnumber to better identify, where the problem occured or who caused it.
This might be helping as interconnection to corporate monitoring/alerting/logging systems. (As well, realworld :) )

2. Custom action on restraint stopping. (Same as (1) )

3. Using of my local GUI to connect remotely. To core running on some other machine would be nice. (Different instances of GUI or tabbed GUI? :) )
For me, this is just nice to have, but could be helping for some admins to have permanent overview of their servers.

4. Process suspending as an action

5. Process killing as an action
This would be helping especially in case of introducing other counters than just CPU. Typically memory consumption. Time to time some process goes crazy.
For example: Internet Explorer running some stupid ActiveX can consume 800MB ram or more. This might be bit annoying on terminal/citrix servers as one user is killing performance for the rest and forcing forcing servers to swap heavily. (My recent real-world challenge.)

6. Default process restraints (or default process priorities)
It would be nice to have an option to match also to other process parameters than processname.
For example: I would like to have always restraint applied to process with "commandline" containing *WINWORD.EXE" /Automation -Embedding*, but other instances of WinWord.exe should be by default untouched. (This has been my recent real-world painful challenge.)

btw: I am currently NOT using Process Lasso on my citrix farm (only on my laptop), but I am seeking, which challenges could it solve for me and my customers... Thus trying to find a businesscase. :)
Regarding plain CPU throttling, there is available competition, which does the same job and is completely free, so it's not really easy :)

Jeremy Collake

I apologize for the delay in response, I went on a Family vacation and didn't check the forum before leaving. Oops. It seems the forum has quit sending notification emails, so I'll need to fix whatever the problem is with that.

These are good suggestions. I'll make note of them, and may come back here to comment more when I get a free minute. I'm struggling to catch up with everything here. Thank you for taking the time to make these suggestions.
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