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Any news on PL, updates?

Started by Fabulist, November 06, 2013, 05:41:57 PM

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There has not been an update for a very long time, while in the past I used to see major and minor patches constantly, is there something being worked on or are you ceasing support?


As I know, nope, except you can find some new tweak that can be using for Windows 8.1. ;)


I can list a vast amount of system optimizations, network & registry tweaks that can be added, but it is not the point.

Should I take from your response that further development of the software has stopped because it is assumed nothing more can be done?


Nope, there are many thing/bug need to be add and fixed.

I think the dev just taking some rest, or he don't wanna disturb for some reason, as you can see he is still posting some news on the G+. :)


While he has sometimes knocked beta updates out every few days , It has only been little over month since last official build .
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Fair enough, thanks for the info.