Just a story that why QQ(Chat Software) get QQProtect

Started by BenYeeHua, December 04, 2013, 04:58:23 AM

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As many Chinese in China know, QQ(Chat Software) get a QQProtect(process for 32/64-bit, driver to protect QQ files for 32-bit only) to protect QQ.exe, prevent QQ getting hack, and you type the QQ id and password on the log-in window.

Many people can't understand why it need to be protect, as it is just a chat tools, while the chat data that going through network are not encrypted.

The answer is simple, QQ id=A Unity ID that you can log-in into many website/games/forum in China, just like Google+ account or Facebook account.

So what's happen if you lost a unity ID?
You lost anything that you are using for log-in other website/game/forum, which is a serious issues.

So why Google+ and Facebook don't has this issues?
Because they are only used for website, only a not famous Skype support both of them(QQ get nearly 90% of Internet user on China using it, but Skype is not), and browser is more safer than a software inside your Windows, as you can know it is a phishing sites via your anti-virus, Browser, website address, and also HTTPS. ;)
But a malware can copy the UI of QQ, then you will type your QQ id and password into it(as most people only look at UI, not where is the process, and they can just replace QQ.exe in folder), then bingo.
Anyways, this QQProtect also having a funny thing.
As 64-bit don't get driver to prevent files getting edit, and if you don't install, the driver don't get install too!

So they are many of them make it into a software don't need install, and patch to remove QQProtect, most of them are lucky for having some knowledge about Malware/virus, so at least it is getting balanced. :)