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Coming in v3.61.1 beta: 'Keep process running'

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 30, 2009, 11:56:40 AM

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Jeremy Collake

I'm nearly done with the implementation of this new feature, so figured I'd go ahead and announce it prior to the actual code release.

This new feature will allow you keep a program running. Sometimes, programs that run in the background to facilitate various things crash, causing system troubles. Using this option, if these processes crash they will be automatically restarted.

A prime example for the utility of this new feature is on my HP laptop, where the Synaptic touchpad helper process sometimes crashes, resulting in poor performance of the trackpad (scroll bar doesn't work, etc..).

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


I have run into one little snag with this feature. Some processes set to use this will keep restarting themselves when Windows shuts them down during an intentional restart or shutdown, making the shutdown process difficult. Is there any way to make this automatically disable itself during a desired restart/shutdown?

Edit: This snag still exists as of ver 3.62.4. I have not tried the recent release 3.64 yet so I'm not sure if this has been addressed yet or not.

Jeremy Collake

I'm sorry, I didn't check the forum for a few days and missed this request. This is something I can fix.. I will do so in v3.64.1, whenever it is released. I am under a pretty severe time crunch, but I can perhaps have it released by Friday. Thanks for letting me know about this.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

Update: The change required here is slightly larger than I thought, so I'm going to have to defer it a little longer to ensure full testing. Its no big deal, and the implementation is easy, it is just that I am just excessively cautious with all changes.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.