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Process Lasso v3.62 released
« on: July 14, 2009, 02:04:17 PM »
This version continues feature additions and general product enhancement. It adds a 'keep process running' feature, support of process command lines, a new throttle level, and much more.
Revisions in this version:     
  • Addition.Core: Added the ability to automatically restart select processes if they terminate (keeps them running always)
  • Addition.Core: Added new 'lowest' throttle level
  • Addition.Core: Extended our NT Native code to include support for process command lines
  • Addition.GUI: Added facilitating UI code to 'keep running' processes (dialog, context menu, rule indication)
  • Addition.GUI: Added back Modules tab (removed a year ago as we streamlined the product)
  • Addition.GUI: Added option to automatically restart the core engine if it is terminated for any reason
  • Addition.GUI: Added new 'lowest' throttle level - now four tiers: highest, moderate, low, lowest
  • Addition.GUI: Added system uptime to status bar
  • Addition.GUI: Added command line column to process listview
  • Addition.GUI: Added keyboard shortcut 'Del' (delete key) - it will terminate all selected process(es)
  • Addition.GUI: When adding process to 'keep running' via the context menu, the current command line is also configured
  • Addition.GUI: Add improved command line support to process restart capability (for both single and multi-select)
  • Change.Core: Tweaks to ProBalance parameters
  • Change.GUI: CPU affinity menu items now disabled for single-CPU systems
  • Change.GUI: Some cosmetic and usability enhancements
  • Change.GUI: Swapped working set and commit size default column locations
  • Change.GUI: Improved message box appearance and functionality by updating to XMessageBox 1.10 (by Hans Dietrich) and migrating our customizations to his code
  • Change.GUI: Changed 'Exit GUI on close' to 'close to system tray' (its more understandable inverse)
  • Change.GUI: Rewrote days installed tracking code
  • Change.GUI: Some tweaks to keyboard shortcuts
  • Change.Build: Tweaks to compiler optimization settings
  • Fix.Core: Improved handling of an extremely rare error returned when querying process information from the NT kernel
  • Fix.GUI: Fix for a theoretical rare crash that could have occurred during startup
  • Fix.GUI: Fixed some missing MessageBox icons in x64 build
    • Post-release updates:
    • [.1]Fix.GUI: Fixed system tray balloon text under Windows 2000, where the lower maximum text size caused truncation
    • [.1]Change.GUI: Some grammatical adjustments (translations already updated in-house)
    • [.1]Change.GUI: Added 'do not show again' checkbox to translation out of date warning shown for a couple languages
    • [.1]Change.Localization: Updated Serbian translation
    • [.1]Addition.Localization: Added Italian translation
    • [.2]Fix.Core: Adjusted CPU throttling code to better handle critical errors
    • [.2]Fix.GUI: Fixed issue where throttling level change was not always indicated in rules column
    • [.2]Addition.GUI: Added a '*' to process priorities to indicate whether or not Windows thread priority boosting is enabled for that process
    • [.2]Addition.Installer: Added new graphical CPU Eater application (untranslated), launched by existing 'Run CPU Eater for 60 seconds' shortcut
    • [.2]Change.Core: Change default ProBalance configuration so that it is better derived from the system hardware
    • [.2]Change.GUI: Added multi-process selection context menu item to control Windows dynamic thread priority boosting
    • [.2]Change.GUI: Renamed single process context menu item 'Priority Boost' to 'Windows dynamic thread priority boosts enabled'
    • [.2]Change.GUI: Other minor code tweaks

32-bit build:
64-bit build:
Pro build:
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