Author Topic: PECompact v3.00 released  (Read 19352 times)

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PECompact v3.00 released
« on: July 17, 2009, 12:44:36 PM »
  • Addition.Package: Added user contributed ElfHash plug-in (a fast hash algorithm)
  • Addition.Package: Added user contributed Pascal/Delphi header files for all plug-in types (registered version only)
  • Addition.Package: Added user contributed 'IsDebuggerPresent' API plug-in (registered version only)
  • Addition.Package: Added user contributed API hook and Codec plug-ins developed in Delphi
  • Addition.Installer: Added x64 build of PEHTLib.lib
  • Change.GUI: Improved message boxes (updated to XMessageBox 1.10 and applied Bitsum custom mods)
  • Change.PETrim: Enhanced stripping of debug directories
  • Change.PEHTLib: Change to macros
  • Change.Installer: Switched to UNICODE build of NSIS
  • Change.Localization: Updated Swedish translation
  • Change.Docs: Added credits for contributions of BoB of team PEiD
  • Change.Docs: Some minor maintenance and improvements
  • Removal.Installer: Some out of date languages removed
  • Fix.GUI: Adjustments to initial display position of child windows
  • Fix.UpdateChecker: Fixed missing space after beta version numbers
  • Fix.Installer: Fixed missing application icon in 'Add/remove programs' or 'Programs and features'
  • Fix.PEHTLib: Some fixes for thread safety, applies only to users of PEHideText
  • Fix.Core: Fixed issue where small decoder was sometimes being used even when fast decoder was specified
  • Fix.EADLoader: Fixed conflict with removal of import table by enhanced anti-debug loader and Restore Imports option
  • Fix.TestCodec: Removed dependency on CRT DLLs

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