New GRAPHICAL CPU Eater (ProBalance test)

Started by Jeremy Collake, July 19, 2009, 12:18:57 PM

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Jeremy Collake

For some time now I've planned writing a graphical version of TestLasso, so that users can more easily see the benefits of Process Lasso's ProBalance. Finally, I've completed that task.

This new graphical CPU Eater is much easier to operate and doesn't require the user to click to a different window before Process Lasso acts upon it (it actually launches TestLasso in the background). I'm sure many users were previously confused with having to click to another window after launching TestLasso, so no more of that ;).

I haven't prettied it up much yet, its just the bare bones. It does have a nice progress bar that helps to see the effects of the test on system responsiveness.

It is integrated with Process Lasso's primary resources, so is available for translation. Of course, initially only the English version is available.

I'll first be distributing this in a stand-alone package, then include it in the next build of Process Lasso.

Download 32-bit CPU Eater
Download 64-bit CPU Eater (for Windows x64 OS only)

Remember, if you don't install Process Lasso the test will simply show the deficiencies in the CPU scheduler. You must install Process Lasso to see the benefits of ProBalance.
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Jeremy Collake

Since many users weren't extracting all files in the CPU Eater zip archives before running CPUEater.exe, causing "DLL not found" errors, I decided to put the CPU Eater in a RAR self-extracting archive. The SFX archive will extract the CPU Eater files to a folder of your choosing, then automatically run the CPU Eater control application.

An authenticity record is also included, showing Bitsum Technologies proper licensing of WinRAR (something all WinRAR users should do).

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

Jeremy Collake

Further updated so that it self-extracts (silently) to a temporary folder and automatically runs the CPU Eater test app, then deletes it when you're done. It is all seamless and silent, so it appears as if you're simply running a normal application. This resolves UAC permissions issues with the default extraction path present in the previous build, which I'm sure some users were confused by.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.