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Started by bertie97, March 01, 2014, 07:58:22 AM

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After getting my PM to behave as it should (Largely thanks to PLs controls) I have now got new 2 machines, 1 a laptop, that just will not sleep properly.
I suspect one of the patch tuesdays in the last month is involved, but am struggling to identify what is keeping these 2 different systems awake.  The only thing they have in common is Win7 & PL. (Totally different hardware 1 intel, 1 AMD)  I scoured all the PM advanced options & they look OK.

Have tried some powercfg -cmdline options to try & see what is preventing sleep but so far no luck.
eg -lastwake says 0, yet the box may have been doing nothing for an hour (sleep is set for 15 mins) on power saver. 
PL seems to correctly change PM scheme (& turning PL on/off has no impact on the situation) but so far only screen sleep is possible.  They enter power saver mode but will not actually sleep.  I am almost sure they did a few weeks ago but as these are new  (last 6 weeks) it may be my memory...

Anyone know of anything or a string I can feed the boxes to see what the problem is?


Yes, Event Viewer, it can be some driver stopping the sleep.


Thanks BenYeeHua  ;)
Neither the PC or I have had much time for sleep but thanks to that tip
& info here -
I find the PC is mainly awoken by the USB Hub.  Or so it seems....
The system has resumed from sleep.

Sleep Time: ‎2014‎-‎02‎-‎18T17:51:00.646713000Z
Wake Time: ‎2014‎-‎02‎-‎18T18:17:30.029030300Z

Wake Source: Device -USB Root Hub

The event above is the USB keyboard waking the system after I have put it to sleep manually, when I hit it.
Otherwise only the monitor is ever actually auto-sleeping. 
Power management is active on the USB hubs - I checked thru these in Device manager.
I cannot yet see why the box no longer follows the monitor in due course (when the box is left alone)...
Sleep state only functions when directly invoked via <Start> so I'm quite puzzled.  ???


It will be hard, if the normal standby is not having issues, but some software is prevent it to sleep.

Anyways, did you make sure Powercfg -energy don't showing any driver/software prevent the auto sleep?


Yes I did try tracing via -energy.
But guess what....
Now both machines are sleeping normally........!!   :o ??? ::)

This is a good thing but as I haven't installed or uninstalled anything I have to assume it's something patching somewhere behind the scenes.  My money is on MS.
Could really do without this kind of random nonsense!!   ::) >:(


I guess maybe the idle Automatic Maintenance is running, so it don't allow to sleep.  ;D


Unfortunately it wasn't that simple....  If it was I wouldn't have spent hours tracing processes.  :(


Hmm, what happen it you just put the sleep to 1 mins?
Did it never sleep?

And, did you try unplug your mouse?
I wonder can it be the mouse is transfer data to Windows, even it is not moving, my touchpad just doing that, when I put my finger on it without moving.