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Started by raum, March 26, 2014, 03:46:29 PM

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Hi there, new Lasso user here. Thank you for the awesome product.

I have a question though. I understand that you can specify an application as 'game or media'. Then it would run 'game or media profile' automatically. But can you also customize the gaming profile a bit and select unwanted applications/processes, so that launching a game would also trigger closing unwanted processes along with gaming profile? And re-launching those processes which were closed with gaming profile, after the game is closed.
It's basically what so-called 'Game boosting applications' do. I know that Process Lasso isn't a game boosting application, yet it has some similar functions, why shouldn't it have all? :D

or, can you already do that in current build/ i'm a bit lost in some of the functions that PL offers

Sorry about bad english, I hope it was clear enough.


Process Lasso doesn't support that kind of feature .

The problem I see with that type of feature is which processes are safe to close ,this could be very system dependent depending on the process .
Many of the back ground ones use very little cpu cycles .
There would need to be a list of processes compiled and kept updated .
Process Lasso is basically a one man operation .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Ya, except you are using something like Firewall or anti-virus, the background CPU usage should be small, so did the memory usage.
Most of the time, services don't causing issues, but driver like your gaming mouse etc, and many processes can be end by killing only...


the thing is, hardwares and softwares (applications, drivers, etc) get more complicated each passing day with new functionalities. And having your system run as you wanted to, needs more user interference. Even must-have drivers do have some functions that can be benefited in some situations, also can be in conflict with some other stuff in some other situations.

For example I am using my computer for both playing games and doing 3d modelling. I have a graphic tablet which has a driver running in the background with several processes and these processes can be interfering when I am playing games. Therefore I can kill automatically the proccesses I have manually specified, with a game boosting application. But having a game boosting application and the Lasso at the same time wouldn't be the best solution.

I belive Process Lasso is pretty close to also functioning as a booster, so I just do not see why wouldn't it tend to help in those situations.


Ok , So what your saying is you want a user only option to shutdown processes when a app runs but don't need any support on which processes "should" be closed (it would just be a list of running process or just use path's to pick ones you don't want running ) .
no recommendation on any process , user makes all decisions .
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If I am right, you can do that easier with cmd.exe, or *.bat.

Just writing something like(PS:It might wrong)
taskkill /IM /F software.exe
taskkill /IM /F software2.exe
taskkill /IM /F software3.exe
START /wait game.exe (If I am right, this wait until the game is end, but I guess it will not working well for game that is using launcher, so....)
start C:\ProgramFiles\folderName\software.exe
start C:\ProgramFiles\folderName\software2.exe
start C:\ProgramFiles\folderName\software3.exe

And hide the cmd windows by using a *.vbs like this.
Set oShell = CreateObject ("Wscript.Shell")
Dim strArgs
strArgs = "cmd /c game.bat"
oShell.Run strArgs, 0, false

Then, just create a shortcut to that *.vbs, welcome to the world of *.bat. 8)


wow I will give it a try, thank you.
But I have no idea how vbs works

(my idea was to assign that task to the game.exe in the Lasso. that way you wouldn`t have to do anything when launching and closing the game)


Ya, I understand, but too bad PL don't has the feature yet, and it is bad idea for adding too much feature into a single software, when it is design for performance. :)

For vbs, the jobs is hidden the cmd window, so you don't see a cmd window after running the shortcut, as the cmd window will wait until the game is end. ;)
strArgs = "cmd /c game.bat"
The game.bat is what's the name the bat is, and both of them(bat+vbs) should be putting in the same directory.