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Started by degarb, July 27, 2009, 01:50:33 PM

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I am in love.  This product is what I have been looking for since 98.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I state that xp freezes up and just because no blue screen of death doesn't make an OS stable.  If I can't interact with my os for a minute or more, it is crashed.  I reach for reset button and reboot.  THis happens on Linux as well.

Furthermore, after ditching home phone and going magicjack, then buying a dvd drive and watching movies over network; there a huge need for process lasso.   I am betting windows 7 will not fix any issue that doesn't directly add to sales and cross agreements with hardware manufactures.   So, long standing irritations to advanced users will never be addressed.

First user suggestions: well to schedule throttling for day use only.   
First impressions: definite improved responsive xp system, though not totally clear up garbling on Magicjack when encoding video with handbrake to .264  and/or ripping a dvd. Also, not so sure throttling is working perfectly with 3.62.1 (upgrading as I write.)  Haven't tried talking on phone and watching an internet streaming movie yet; though not found a qos replacement prioritizer that works.

I am really impressed with pricing structure.   (don't see easy check pay. don't see two for one offer.  don't see upgrade pricing scheme.)

I would love this for my old win 98 notebook too.  Though If I can figure out the belkin, I might put linux on.  Linux definitely needs lasso; I don't care what they say.  Freezeups are common with every distro I have tried.

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

I'm glad it helped MagicJack ;). The remaining garbling may be more related to network issues than CPU availability. QoS on your network connection is definitely what you need. Some routers offer QoS, and there are software solutions as well. Its best to have it on the router if you have multiple computers on your LAN.

You're right, linux does also need Process Lasso. The linux CPU scheduler has some mechanisms to prevent a total freeze in the case of an out-of-control process, but there is still improvements to be made with regards to keeping the system responsive during high loads. Of course, Process Lasso's other features (i.e. default priorities and affinities) are also useful in linux. I hope to have a linux version available some day.

Unfortunately, Process Lasso doesn't work on Windows 98. In order to maximize efficiency, I developed it only for NT based kernels (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7..). It communicates with the OS at the lowest level, so isn't portable to Win98 or WinME. I have no plans to support these older operating systems. In many respects, they are hopelessly broken.. Microsoft knew this, which is why they abandoned them.

As you surmised, Windows 7 does NOT fix these long standing issues. It moves a little farther in the right direction, but that's about it. I have been doing extensive testing of Windows 7 the last few months now, so can make this statement as a matter-of-fact.

Anyway, I think you'll find Process Lasso to suits your needs quite well. Enjoy ;)
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