beta, actions log scrolling out of control [FIXED-temp-beta-issue]

Started by Oxides, April 27, 2014, 03:35:23 AM

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I just updated to this version, from the previous stable version.  Win 8.1update1x64. 
The actions log is spamming/scrolling out of control.  Every second every running process is being listed with action "automatic gaming mode off", moreinfo "automatic gaming mode was...".  I dont remember this happening with the previous version.

Jeremy Collake

Fixed in v6.7.0.55 beta, now available.

This was a simple error on my part. I rushed out the change w/o testing, thinking 'testing is what betas are for'. I am so sorry, I will be sure to test betas better in the future prior to launch. Finals get a lot more testing, of course.
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