Author Topic: The redirect for China user may need to be cancal when GOTD is going on?  (Read 8537 times)

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It look like the redirect for China user to Taobao Agents has causing some user can't get GOTD, I think it may need to be cancal when GOTD is going on.,3805.0.html

Anyways, I am not sure when he is facing redirect, as the is not redirect for me, by using China Proxy.
Hmm, look like this redirect someone is not in China too.
I couldnt’t access the registration license website below:

Website keep redirecting me to a china website.

For what did it do that, I’m not even in china.

Please fix the website link thank you.
Comment by Tom — May 14th, 2014 at 6:48 am
I wonder what's happening...