New beta series

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 07, 2014, 05:25:45 PM

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Jeremy Collake

The current beta series aims to clean up some of the messiness and make sure all features play well together.

Over the years, the incremental maintenance on Lasso took it's toll.

I will be picking and choosing which features and options are worth leaving in the product. There will be a few complaints along the way, but the result will be a more stable and clear product.
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It is hard to maintain the performance and stability while having many function, so did Process Lasso.

For QQ(IM, Instant Messenger), they are using Module to adding functions for difference people that need it.
For my anti-virus.... I give up, even they has the ability to remove the "Module", the removed "Module" will left the dll and still running in the background...
Just a question, can in the future, Process Lasso is having mini version only? :)
So it only has ProBalance running, as there are many people at GOTD saying their computer become slower after using Process Lasso.