Project Lasso not identifying CPU hog

Started by jcmson23, June 19, 2014, 08:53:00 AM

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I run Playon and Playlater.  Process Lasso will not ideitify PlayOn server or Mediamallserver , Used by PlayOn /Playlater. I believe one or the other is used for different encodes? Playon /playlater run together are capable of  recording streaming video and encoding to MP4 files.  I also use Plex, and it shows the plex media server when running. I have not thoroughly checked it when doing an encode, as it has not been a problem. I also run handbrake, normally limiting it to 2-4 cores of my AMD 6 core Phenom II X6 1100T. I have run all 3 at times in the past, but have been running into more problems. Probably Playon scripts sometimes will work on a site where downloads are faster than real-time, and a 45 min vid may be encoded to a file in 20 mins.

Anyway I want to know why the playonserver, which is probably transcoding does not show up in P Lasso. In task manager now it is at 41% on a real time transcode. has been much more.

Thanks in advance



Check the Main-Manage process of all users, and tick it.
If it is not tick, then it may not seeing the processes. :)