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Started by petrossa, July 07, 2008, 02:28:58 PM

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can someone please give a good translation for 'affinity' to french? I'm stuck, as affinity itself is a misnomer already in english.


Hi petrossa

When you talk about 'affinity' I believe you mean 'CPU affinity' or 'processor affinity' don't you ?

I believe you may translate in french as 'affinité du processeur'  which seems to be widely used with Microsoft french sites and also found several times on google.



Eventually we may translate as 'CPU associé' (to a process) or 'CPU préféré' (for a process)

Hop this help  ;)

Nicolas N.
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tnx Nico. seen affinité de processeur but found it without meaning for a novice. I'm trying to translate so everyday joe can use it. Affinité is normally used for animate objects. I'll go with your last suggestion. I think i'll also replace 'processeur' with CPU everywhere as this is even in msr Lang's country generally known.

for everybody else who waits for the french, i've had a harddisk meltdown. my backup was not too old but still i'll have to redo a part