Any benefit to setting CPU affinity?

Started by Coldblackice, July 15, 2014, 12:45:17 AM

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Would there be any possible benefit to setting the CPU affinity for a game? Like Starcraft 2, for example.

I've heard suggestions before that there's some benefit to be had by setting the affinity, like choosing real cores only (no hyperthreaded cores), choosing cores of a certain number, choosing particular cores that "match", etc. Is there any benefit to this, or is it just digi-voodoo?


Except you are still using Windows XP, there should be no reason to do that.
Because since Windows Vista, the scheduler know it is a HT-core, and will avoid it when there are some heavy works on the other HT-core/thread.

And you can disable core-parking to reduce the overload of scheduler, which park the core too often that causing some overhead and reducing the performance. :)


Ah, k. Thanks Ben.

And man, you're like the all-knowing encyclopedia of all things computers! Is there anything you don't know?! :)


Yes, anything that I don't interesting to learn. :)