Red line almost invisible

Started by norain, November 05, 2009, 06:49:17 PM

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Hi, just installed the new 3.70.2 version.
I can barely see the red line on the graph in this version. It appears to be half the width of the green and blue lines, which with my monitors (I've tried out 2 of them) makes it nearly invisible, not near bright enough. It was perfect before this version. Can we get it back to the same width/brightness (whatever was changed there)? Thanks. So far, so good otherwise!

Jeremy Collake

Yes, I will restore it to its previous size in v3.70.3. I am able to view it ok on my LCDs. Are you using a CRT by chance? Thanks for letting me know of this issue.
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Thanks Jeremy. I am using LCD monitors here. Its probably because of the resolution settings which I can't change else it messes up the programs I use.
Yeah, it was perfect before, so restoring back to the same width will fix it for sure.
New version still nice and stable.
Hats off to you!