Creating Process "Profile"?

Started by Matt, July 31, 2014, 03:23:21 PM

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Note: I'm using Process Lasso Free 64 v6.8.0.6 on Windows 8.1.

Question: Does anyone kindly know whether it's possible to save the settings applied to an individual process/program (what I've called a "Profile")?

For example, A) if for any given process, say Chrome, I've set the Priority Class at High, the I/0 Priority at Normal, the Memory Priority at Normal, and I've excluded it (the Chrome process) from ProBalance restraint, and B) I want to apply those same, exact settings to an entirely different process (e.g., Evernote desktop client, or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or any other), but want to do so without having to re-apply those settings manually to this other process/program, is there some way, then, to apply those settings automatically and/or all at once? (In other words, create, in effect, a "Settings Profile" that I can duplicate and apply from one process, individually, to another....)

Thanks all so much!

M/ :)


Hmm, so far Process Lasso don't has the function to copy the same settings to other processes, but we got trick. ;D
By clicking on File-Manually edit the configuration file(remember to "Export configuration" first), you can just "copy" paste and apply the settings on other Process.
(You can also just export the config 2 times(1 as backup, 1 as creating setting and copy it to other processes)then import it back to Process Lasso)

For example, like this.
DefaultPriorities=firefox.exe,above normal

You can just copy the "firefox.exe,above normal" a few times, then manual change the process name of the clone to another process name, like.
DefaultPriorities=firefox.exe,above normal,chrome.exe,above normal

The only weak point is you can only copy 1 setting of the process 1 times, but you can apply it to many process by just changing the cloned settings process name, I guess. :)


I will try that out soon. Thank you!


Jeremy Collake

The sort of 'profile' (group of pre-defined settings) support is something that's been on the radar for a while, but we haven't gotten to.

Going forward, as much of our technology is refactored, this is something I'll be keeping in mind. Whether it's implemented or not depends mostly on how simple I can keep the UI.
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