- processlasso.exe won't run

Started by Neo, August 21, 2014, 02:48:24 PM

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Vista SP 2 - 32-bit
Processor Intel Core Duo CPU P8600 2.4GHz
HDD Dual 128GB SSDD configured as RAID 0
Firewall Comodo

This is the first time this has happened to me (No, I'm not a student in a small Midwestern town  ;)).  I installed Process Lasso; it went smoothly as almost all the automated installs do.  However, after the install no Process Lasso icon appeared in the systray.

I checked to see what was running using another process tool I have (Process Hacker) and saw that only Process Governor was running.  When I explicitly executed processlasso.exe, my machine behaved as I'd expected.  When I checked again for Process Lasso running, I saw nothing except Process Governor running.  I know Process Governor executes using the parameters in the config file and I can change the config file manually, but it's a whole lot easier to update it using the GUI.  Plus, I can see what's going on using Process Lasso's GUI.

I use Comodo Firewall & Antivirus (free version).  Nothing's been triggered in the Firewall or Antivirus.  Nothing's been sandboxed or partially sandboxed.  There are no messages anywhere in Comodo related to Process Lasso.  No Process Lasso update has ever triggered any Comodo component I use.

Yes, I have rebooted; it made no difference.  The only thing I haven't done is reinstall.  If I do, should I uninstall what's installed first or can I install over it?

There is one thing that occurred, but it occurred after I installed the latest security updates for Vista (and a while before I updated to about a week or two ago: My Process Lasso serial number was gone; I had to reenter it manually.  Does that give you any worthwhile additional information?  Any thoughts as to what else I should check?

As always, thanks, and I appreciate your help.


try installing latest beta .
I see there a line about Vista , the issue with activation key needing reentering is normal for last build .   beta2beta-fix   All   Fix compatibility issue with Windows Vista and Windows 7 in beta v6.9.2.5-7 only
Minor adjustments to ProcessLassoLauncher behavior   Change   All   Switch all executables to embedded manifests   Change   Updater   Delete now deprecated external manifests

PS: beta is very stable so don't worry about that . I would try reinstall if betas doesn't work .
Also might disable AV/frewall just for test to see if PL works ok afterwards .
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Quote from: edkiefer on August 21, 2014, 04:23:23 PM
try installing latest beta .

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Will do and will reply with outcome. I read the beta changelog text you included and saw the references to Vista.  Interesting.  I'll bet that's the issue.


Installing the latest beta fixed it.  Thanks!


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Jeremy Collake

I apologize for the trouble.

The cause was some troubles with the manifest packaging in a prior beta build. That was related to the compatibility fix you guys mentioned.

With change, there is risk. A lot is happening right now with the code base. I try to keep most of that risk contained to the beta program, but am not perfect. I always endeavor to do better.

In this case, users of the previous beta series would encounter this broken update sequence that mangled the manifests.
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