Asia America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable is currently faulty (ISP Complaints)

Started by BenYeeHua, September 18, 2014, 11:07:41 AM

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Hei, but that don't explain why connect to China also become slower before it is broken. ;)

Even more, when I get myself a very good QoS IP address, I get the same quality to China or US, except most good QoS IP address are having connection issues to China or US, or better QoS to China or US only.

And why some TM users got bad Internet connection to YouTube and Facebook also?
They has CDN server in Asia/Malaysia, and based on my test, it is always throttled by ISP to 480Kbps until 1 A.M to 11 A.M.

Also, when I am playing with many JP users that connect to the same US online game(Planetside 2), they don't has much throttle/packet loss issues, but only me is having throttle/packet loss issues, and it is Night time, not peak time.
Why the issues will gone after it is 1 A.M. , which is the time that throttle getting stopped by ISP. ::)
Was not it is re-route to other cable already? Or you are just re-route most user to a bad quality cable/line so that high QoS user can get the same quality on the broken, while also throttle more link to get more QoS to high QoS user ? ;D