The PC isn't going anywhere

Started by Jeremy Collake, October 10, 2014, 04:03:12 PM

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Jeremy Collake

I posted this in response to a typical 'the PC is dead' comment. Although many people are waking up to the falsity of this declaration, I still hear it too often. So....

The PC isn't dead. Windows isn't dead. The Windows desktop isn't dead. There are still so many tasks in the world that require a PC, and will for the foreseeable future. Trying to do those things on mobile devices is horribly inefficient at best, if not impossible. I've always said those who declared the PC dead were wrong, and they are finally waking up to this reality. There was definitely some erosion of the PC market by mobile devices, but that process is pretty much finished, and is a lot different than declaring the PC dead. Sadly, this prophetic thinking from 'visionaries' has caused some serious harm to the PC hardware and software market, as companies abandon it in favor of mobile development.

Bitsum never abandoned the PC, unlike so many Windows developers. Sadly, many of the PC software developers that didn't abandon their work started to act increasingly immoral in an attempt to squeeze revenue out of their products. I hope that this is changing, though it will be up to consumers to say 'enough is enough', and to start paying for quality software. Quality software can't always be free.
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And PC is evolving, from a Desktop to a Laptop, from a weak Laptop to a Ultrabook and Gaming Laptop, from a Ultrabook evolving to Tablet that has soft keyboard.

When PC is become much smaller and portable, mobile devices is also become much bigger and powerful, and it is depend on how people like to use the devices.

Did you want to use a smartphone/tablet/ultrabook that can only handle a few hours with the battery and smaller screen, or a ultrabook/laptop that can put on your lap, or a Desktop that connected to your TV?
And, did you want to browsing with lack of multi-task smartphone/tablet with crappy games that like to take your money and make your hand hot, or a powerful laptop/desktop that can play game with your friend together, chatting(or yelling on your friends) while recording the game, or a Desktop that don't need to worry about the heat on your hand that coming from the smartphone/tablet/laptop, and a very high quality Dell IPS monitor or a Asus 144HZ G-sync monitor, with a high accurate laser mouse, comfortable mousepad and chair, high quality headset that don't need to hear your smartphone/laptop that has background noise from your motherboard, or sitting on a comfortable sofa and playing game with a gamepad in front of your TV and 7.1 speaker.

PC never dead, it is just many people rarely buy a new computer until the computer is dead or old, slow(5-10 years), not like us, always asking for good/best, until we are bored. :)