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Lost ability to keep CPU priority maintained

Started by smurfed, October 26, 2014, 03:57:30 AM

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Hello everybody,
i am currently trying ProcessLasso to keep the CPU priority of my Planetside 2 game at 'high'. Recently when i tab out of the application to check the process it keeps resetting it to 'normal', even though i made it permently and uncheched the box to make it 'dynamic'.

...This used to work perfectly all the time and just stopped working a few days ago. ):

Is it because my trial period ran out? Is the permanent CPU priority only a feature of the licenced/ pro version?


In probalance settings do you still have top two options enabled ?

1) Ignore all foreground processes
2) Ignore all processes not running at a normal priority class .

I don't know on pro question but is it happening during 1 reboot cycle or you lose it only when you reboot/restart system .
Bitsum QA Engineer


Maybe you should export the config, then let us check for it? If you don't mind. :)

Jeremy Collake

It is not a licensing issue.

I would suggest 'Options / Force mode' (near the bottom), but I'm not sure that will solve the problem. That mode is used when programs or other external actors change the priority or CPU affinity, so Lasso needs to reapply it.

If the configuration itself is lost, that's a separate issue.

A little more data would help narrow down what is going on. What does the log say? Is Lasso acting on the process?
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Yup, just simple telling us that the function don't works, we can't know why it will not works. :)