Author Topic: Process Lasso v7.4 Released - - The newly revamped Gaming Mode gets even better  (Read 6120 times)

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Process Lasso v7.4


7.4AdditionCoreAdd toggle to disable change to Bitsum Highest Performance power plan on entrance to Gaming Mode
7.4ChangeGUIRename EnergySaver to IdleSaver
7.4ChangeGUIReduced with of log filter edit control in main UI
7.4ChangeGUIChange process icon retrieval method
7.4ChangeGUIChange a few control captions
7.4ChangeGUIAdd 32/64 bit size back to About dialog by user request
7.4ChangeSettingsChange default to disable IdleSaver while Gaming Mode is active
7.4ChangeSettingsAdd ability for user to manually set 50ms poll interval (not recommended)
7.4ChangeCoreImprove handling when governor terminates while gaming mode is active
7.4ChangeCoreImproved interaction with Comodo and Norton Internet Security 2015
7.4ChangeCoreMinor code refinement
7.4FixPortableInclude ParkControl in portable edition (not officially supported)
7.4FixLogFix issue where log events for gaming mode power plan changes in XP may have been written (would show 'unknown' as target plan)
7.4FixGUIImprovements when user resizes main window to an excessively small size
7.4ChangeLocalizationClear deprecated strings, reduce size of localization pack
7.4ChangeLocalizationUpdate Chinese Simplified
7.4ChangeLocalizationUpdate Chinese Traditional
7.4ChangeLocalizationUpdate German
7.4ChangeLocalizationUpdate Italian
7.4ChangeLocalizationUpdate Polish

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