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Started by bluelake, January 17, 2010, 12:26:06 PM

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Small item I know, but would it be possible to put the memory load number in the tray icon pop up in addition to the status bar on the bottom of the page once the GUI is maximized?  Having the CPU usage and responsiveness is EXCELLENT, the memory load number would save me several double clicks to maximize just for that info per day.

Comment:  The "Active Processes" tab is fantastic-- great addition!

Jeremy Collake

Sure, I can add that. I will put it on my list. It should be a simple addition.

I'm glad you like the new 'Active processes' tab. Its been in beta for a while, and I was very happy to release a new final build with it included. I think it is a good new innovation. I have never seen the CPU usage shown in horizontal bar graphs, though I'm sure its been done before. I really like that way to visualize the CPU utilization of each process.
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