Author Topic: Process Lasso v7.6 released  (Read 5940 times)

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Process Lasso v7.6 released
« on: December 26, 2014, 07:59:16 AM »
Process Lasso v7.6


7.6FixCoreFixed a theoretical race condition that could have resulted in a crash (never known to)
7.6AdditionGUI/CoreAdd ability to auto-trigger improved Gaming Mode via any Steam child process, with others coming soon
7.6AdditionGUI/CoreAdded first rendition of 'SmartTrim', the first ever non-braindead RAM optimization algorithm in the world. Refinement continues, still early dev.
7.6AdditionGUIAdd 'limit CPU use' in parenthesis of CPU affinity menu items so users better understand their effective use.
7.6ChangeCoreAllow manually set refresh rates w/o sanity checks (a user request, enabled in beta builds only)
7.6ChangeGUISystem tray tooltip abbreviated app name now 'Lasso' not 'ProLasso'
7.6ChangeGUIMinor menu consistency improvements
7.6ChangeGUIMove gaming mode process designation for more intuitive access
7.6ChangeInstallerRemove local CHM from installer. ~1Mb savings, new installer size about 1Mb.
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate Japanese
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate Chinese Simplified
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate Chinese Traditional
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate German
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate Italian
7.6ChangeGUIUpdate Finnish
7.6EmotionHeartSupport Process Lasso, purchase a license! Christmas Sale (use this link)!

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