[FIXED] GUI resize changes in 7.4 are not suited to m

Started by MMcVeigh, December 30, 2014, 05:27:54 PM

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In version 7.4 there were "Improvements when user resizes main window to an excessively small size".  Unfortunately, I use a small window width frequently and the revision cannot be sized down for my use.  In past versions I frequently left the PL GUI displayed on the right side of the screen with just process name, CPU usage and IO delta columns displayed by shrinking width.  With all graph components except RAM Load enabled the reduced width worked very well.  I had realized some of the tab labels for processes and log didn't work well, but that was minor. 

Now PL GUI refuses to allow small width.  I personally would like the old behavior back.  I have attached screen shot jpegs.

I also would like a "Stay on Top" option for the GUI.


Jeremy Collake

I figured there would be those who preferred a smaller window. I had someone make justifiable complaints that when the main window was shrunk, the controls overlapped and looked terrible. As you can see, it's still not perfect.

The proper solution will be to allow it to resize, while still looking decent. So, I'm working on that.

Please tolerate it a little longer, or revert to the prior version for a while.

As for status: If you think I've forgot, don't hesitate to ping this thread to remind me (my todo list is long).
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