Author Topic: Process Lasso v7.8 Released  (Read 6144 times)

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Process Lasso v7.8 Released
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:54:07 PM »
Process Lasso v7.8


7.8EnhancementGUINew presentation and options for SmartTrim, the first-ever intelligent RAM optimization algorithm.
7.8EnhancementGUINew ProBalance toggle to exclude (or not) children of the foreground process.
7.8EnhancementGUIIdleSaver dialog will now select appropriate defaults.
7.8EnhancementCPUEaterAdd ProBlance on/off toggle to the CPUEater Demo (and appropriate text if Lasso not running).
7.8FixCoreFix handling when user has specified both a default application power plan and also Gaming Mode for a process (causing a failure to revert back to the proper prior power plan)
7.8FixGUIFix potential disparity between settings displayed (e.g. ProBalance on/off) when manipulated by the user via multiple modules simultaneously, like ProBalance Insights, the Lasso UI, and CPUEater demo
7.8FixInstallerFix issue in installer of 7.6 that would cause XP auto-start to not be set for first-time installs
7.8ChangeGUIConsolidated sub-menus for popular primary features
7.8ChangeGUIImproved presentation and text in several places
7.8ChangeGUIImproved interoperability with Norton Internet Security
7.8ChangeGUIAdded all primary feature control menu items to File menu
7.8ChangeGUISome safety reloads of configuration prior to additional changes (e.g. to make sure some manual user change wasn't lost)
7.8RemovalGUIRemove legacy 'show threads and modules' menu item
7.8ChangeSettingsReset 'show icons' setting since default changed (will also be moved to registry)
7.8ChangeSettingsDisable process icons by default, temporarily, for beta versions (report of another rare third-party shell extension crashing when it tries to draw overlays on them)
7.8ChangeSettingsAdjustments to some localization customizations
7.8ChangeAllInternal code and build system work
7.8ChangePortable EditionAdd LogViewer, Start/Stop governor batch files to package
7.8ChangeGUIUpdate German
7.8ChangeGUIUpdate French
7.8ChangeGUIUpdate Italian
7.8ChangeGUIUpdate Polish
7.8ChangeGUIUpdate Japanese
7.8ChangeAllChange copyright to 2015

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