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Started by clst, March 29, 2015, 11:32:46 AM

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I have added my Games directory to PL's game mode:
This works great. But I cannot exclude for example: f:\games\Steam\steam.exe (and when I try from the log I get an error)
So a list of exclusions (like probalance) for fine-tuning would be great.


Hi , In latest version 8.0.1 steam games should auto game mode w/o entering a path (steam.exe won't trigger game mode) .
One way that may help you is add paths closer the actual game folder (were games are installed ) .
This way you would have a few more paths to enter but can cover Origin and Uplay too unless path of games are all over the place (I think it work for origin .

example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\*.exe

Optimally we want all major launchers to enable game mode on there games, but not the launcher .

PS: your feature request is good, I merely trying to give workaround .
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Thanks for the idea, but I have a lot of older games in my games folder.
It would be a bit impractical to either add every one manually or move my steam folder out of the way potentially breaking a few steam games.
Also having exclusions would allow to exclude map editors launched through steam, they wouldn't need the high performance energy preset.

Thanks for your kind reply.

Jeremy Collake

Good observation. Definitely we'll take care of this in the future.
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