2 bug reports! [FIXED]

Started by mavy-online, May 09, 2015, 12:20:27 PM

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Bug 1, first attachment. Prolasso haywire. Image speaks for itself. An (im?)possible combination of settings
resulting in an epic priority fight which can be avoided trough a single line of code if necessary.

Bug 2, second attachment. Prolasso forum bug. During the registration process, you ask for an adjective best describing
an elephant, yet the very first absolutely undeniably best adjective found in the actual english wikipedia...""WIKIPEDIA nonetheless""
will be rejected as a correct answer :DOH:.

Other then that, WONDERFULL software :) !!!


I see your in game mode , are any of those processes in list a game ?

you can't have a process adjusted priority and be game mode ,at least not right now .
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Jeremy Collake

Bug 1:

Use of wildcard patterns that include everything is prohibited in areas, to protect users from bad configurations. I need to evaluate if that is what is happening here, but ...

This is *not* a desirable configuration. You do not want to force all processes to "Below Normal". Some processes set their own priority classes to something other than Normal for a good reason. You do not ever want to use such an all-inclusive rule, ever. Instead, use more specific rules to target specific processes.

Forum Registration Bug:

Thanks, fixing that now.
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