3.82.3 (un)Throttling misses target process

Started by dckubler, April 05, 2010, 11:28:10 AM

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Running pentium quad.  Two CMD windows each running an instance of program A (no window stuff just command line).  Each instance processes its own set of files.  Sometimes more applications cause disk to "sound" rather busy.  Dropping priority doesn't help because 4 CPU's can handle the load (wanted to save disk wear).  So I throttled each program A.  Disks quiet down.  Return priorities to normal.   Turning off throttling only un-throttles the first A (lower process number).   Second A consumes no CPU time!  Kill second A (with CTRL-C), this is DOS style).   Run second A - all back to normal.   TEST:  Throttle second A, Un-throttle second A.  Again second A does not revive!!

Jeremy Collake

Thanks for reporting this. I will look into it and report back asap.
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