Author Topic: Process Lasso v8.1 Released  (Read 5392 times)

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Process Lasso v8.1 Released
« on: June 06, 2015, 12:31:53 PM »
Process Lasso v8.1.0.0

Changes: menu items for graceful termination wait settings in General Options safety for improper shutdown of core engine while in gaming mode issue where some types of log events were written to log even when logging was fully disabled issue where Polish and PTBR DLLs were subject to 'improper image' issues due to a build order anomaly. Dismiss button in Graceful Termination dialog. log entry that would say '0 of 0' processes trimmed under certain conditions (meaning 0 of 0 eligible) start menu shortcuts included for docs even when docs not selected for install nag text and improve appearance of dialog not allow user to the option to not show again the confirmation prompt after adding a disallowed process, and a few other critical actions (for safety) default selected control in Graceful Termination dialog, improving appearance improvements to graceful termination dialog (remove tite bar and system menu) cosmetic improvements deprecated 'Close' choice from multi-selection process context menu since it now duplicates 'Terminate', which tries a graceful first approach with user configured timeout mechanism by which logging is fully disabled registry key deletion code to ensure full deletion in some contexts where an empty top-level key may remain CHM docs to installer work on in-house localization tools Polish Finnish German Russian (first update in a while) PTBR (first update in years, only restored last build)

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