Docs addition - About user-defined static config and log paths - use sub-folders

Started by Jeremy Collake, June 25, 2015, 12:57:30 PM

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Jeremy Collake

When using a user-defined config and log path, I would recommend storing the config in a sub-folder, e.g. "C:\ProcessLasso\Config" and the logs in another sub-folder "C:\ProcessLasso\Logs". This is now the default for users who don't specify a static path for either (except it uses %appdata% of course).

The reason I suggest this is because, otherwise, every time the log is written to, it will trigger a file system change notification event on that folder and cause the configuration file to be checked to see if it changed. It won't be reloaded, so not much overhead, but a little. The granularity of file system change notifications in Windows is limited to folders, thus putting the config in it's own folder makes sure that only writes to it cause a change notification event.
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