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hi there is this possible to do with process lasso?!?!

Started by xodius80, July 02, 2015, 10:35:04 PM

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i have purchased process lasso, very fine program indeed, but i was wondering if it can make all windows processes be done with one core and leave all the other cores for gaming like the example above?

Jeremy Collake

Thank you for your purchase!

What you suggest is not a configuration I recommend. Instead, you can select any problematic applications and *selectively* limit their CPU affinities, leaving your games to use all, or a subset, of CPU cores.

In other words, avoid trying broad CPU affinity rules like '*.exe' or '*.*'. These could potentially cause trouble. Be selective, like maybe 'word*.exe', 'excel.exe', etc...

One big reason not to be overly broad is because some processes and services are blocking, such as real-time security software scanning. Thus, they will block whatever else is going on until a scan of the object being referenced is complete. So, you'd not want to limit them to a subset of CPU cores.
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