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Process Lasso Monitor crashes on start

Started by sanderg, August 19, 2008, 02:33:43 PM

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Two questions here:

1. Process Lasso Monitor exits on start - it basically crashes. Is there a solution for this? I already reset everything when installing the newest version.

2. I am still hoping to receive the version that does not ask for donations, since I submitted a translation which was quite a few hours of work.


Jeremy Collake

I'll process your registration in just a minute, I apologize for not doing it already.

Using non-English languages may cause Process Lasso's GUI to crash. It is an issue I intend to resolve in the next beta release. That's the only known errata like you mention.. Otherwise, I don't know off-hand what might be causing it.
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The latest Pro version does not crash anymore (and I had the default English language active btw), so problem solved. Thanks!