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Windows 10 has improved Core-Parking

Started by BenYeeHua, September 21, 2015, 02:07:14 PM

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Just found that it has some new class, something like this.
Specify the minimum number of unparked cores/packages allowed for Processor Power Efficiency Class 1 (in percentage).

And also it finally allow parking more than half of the CPU as default. ;)

I will continue to check for it after exam...

PS:Poor cpu, only left 1 core to run. ;D
PS2:Reminder for myself to test WinRaR for new core-parking


Bitsum QA Engineer


Well, it is disable as default in Windows 8, but enable in Windows 10.
I guess they want to having better power save and aggressive Turbo frequency for Intel and AMD, but it need some test or research to prove that first. :)

Jeremy Collake

To update this thread: As I posted in an article, Intel's newer CPUs move control of core parking to the hardware ( because Windows did such a terrible job of it. This validates the idea of dynamically disabling core parking in its entirety in previous architectures. Read about this development here:
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Yup, and better performance and power save compare to OS managed core-parking enabled too. ;)
This might also improve the overclock performance, but I am not sure about this one, might want to read some overclocker result. :)