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Started by Sean Dendle, May 01, 2016, 05:43:44 PM

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Sean Dendle

It would be good to be able to configure either the maximum number of days logging or maximum log size within Process Lasso. I’m generating between 17MB and 25MB of log files for a day.

While this isn’t normally a huge issue for a desktop/laptop we run multiple Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Server/Citrix Farms and for 25 â€" 30 people logging into a server this can generate quite a lot of log files that then need to be maintained.

I’ve seen that you can change the configuration file so that instead of using %appdata%\Roaming\ProcessLasso\logs this can be moved to a different folder however this is still quite a lot of logging to have to manage.

It would be ideal if Process Lasso could either trim the log file when a maximum value is reached (e.g. no more than 20MB per user - similar to the Windows Event log â€" image attached) or trim the log file when it reaches a given number of days (e.g. trim any data older than 14 days).

P.S. â€" Amazing product!


Hi, thats a good idea.

Right now PL will go to a 4mb per file and then make another log file, there is a pruning involved but its not adjustable.
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A little off-topic on the filesize. ::)

I also wonder what will happen if apply the NTFS own compression(or new Windows 10 xpress4k compression) on the files/folder, it should having a very good compression rate on the log files too! ;)
Back to topic, yup, just maintaining a single file sound like a good idea, maybe just on the servers version. :)

Jeremy Collake

Thank you, and I agree entirely with this recommendation. I will see what I can do going forward. The logging subsystem is one where work is definitely going to be done in the future, and there's certainly no reason not to include better pruning based on age, per-user size, or other.
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Sean Dendle

Hi there,

Checking in to see if any progress been made on this request?

Jeremy Collake

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I'm on the Support Ticketing platform these days. I have people who are supposed to tell me when a forum post needs my response.

On this particular issue, no. I've been busy with ProBalance Stand Alone, ParkControl, Process Lasso v9 (where this will show up), and 2 classified projects.

The log does already prune itself, it doesn't grow indefinitely, FWIW.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.