Lower CPU priority for idle users in Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Services

Started by Sean Dendle, May 01, 2016, 06:09:21 PM

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Sean Dendle

It would be great to be able to set the CPU priority class for user’s session that has gone idle in a Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Services/Citrix environment.

As I understand Process Lasso monitors each user’s session to be able to identify which application is in the foreground and lower the CPU priority (if needed) of the background applications. Is Process Lasso able to detect if a user’s session has gone into idle? If so could it be possible to then push the CPU priority class of an idle session to say below normal thus freeing up CPU cycles for the active users and applications?

Would this make a difference or with Microsoft’s Fair Share CPU Scheduling is this covered?

Jeremy Collake

That's actually very good suggestion!

That would compliment Windows Fair Share CPU Scheduling by effectively adding an additional variable (user session idle).

This goes well with other developments in v9 (next major release, in progress), so expect to see it as soon as I can get it there!

Thank you

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