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Started by kevson, October 05, 2010, 11:10:18 AM

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hi, first time here,please can i ask does process lasso load first in startup, the reason i ask is so that its starts before anything else, thus can work with all startup processors, thanks   :)


Hello, kevson.

( i'm not expert on this field, but based on what i have tested/checked i give reply using that knowledge )
That startup order depends on what you have installed in your system. If windows have not set Process Lasso to be first loaded, it's not wise to "tamper" that order ( you can change that manually using 3rd party apps [not naming any]. those apps puts "delay" in startup apps giving you option to "change" order ).

You can check startup order by running MSConfig. For my system, GUI is 4th and core is 5th to start.

Hope this reply was somewhat helpful :)

EDIT: If you check order in registry, it's ordered ( usually ) alphabetically and don't give you full info you need.

EDIT2: Also forgot to mention that most apps starts simultaneously ( if thats correct word/correctly spelled? ) even it's not listed as first or second to start. For my system, 4th and 5th is based on timings. Those could be still first to load. For me this is difficult to explain, hope this don't sound too confusing :)


hi, Tinfoil Hat.

    thank you for your help, 


NP, glad that my reply helped you out :)