Restore original priority when a process is excluded

Started by Scott, August 25, 2008, 08:08:38 PM

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I posted about this in the old forum.  I can't remember what the exact disposition was, but the problem was acknowledged.  I thought it was supposed to have been corrected, which is why I'm bothering everyone with another post.

The issue is that if PL has reduced an application's priority, and then that process is excluded from restraint, PL does not restore its original priority.  My thought was that it makes sense that if a process is currently being restrained, and it is then excluded from restraint, its original priority should be restored immediately.  I'm running PL 3.04 and it's not behaving this way.

Sorry if this simply hasn't been addressed yet.  I wasn't sure if it was supposed to have been.  I remember the suggested workaround was to exit/restart ProcessGovernor.exe (or maybe even to simply disable/enable restraint).

Jeremy Collake

Thanks, I thought I did correct that problem. However, according to your report, I may not have fully addressed it ;(. I will do some tests here and try to reproduce the errata. I'll also review the code to see if I can discover any way this errata could still happen.
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