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Started by ratchet, August 28, 2008, 12:15:25 PM

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I love PL and completely trust it, so I don't see the need for the icon.  If I use windows settings to hide it I'll get the ugly blue arrow.  I checked PL settings and can't find a setting to disable it or have I just missed it?  Thank You!

Jeremy Collake

If you have no need for the system tray icon, I recommend not running the GUI (ProcessLasso.exe) at all. The background core engine (ProcessGovernor.exe) will take care of making process/system adjustments, writing log entries that you can later view with the GUI.

You can do this manually in v3.04 by removing ProcessLasso.exe from the HKCU windows startup registry key. A better option is to use v3.05 beta, which will ask you at time of install how you want ProcessLasso and its background core engine to start (or not start) at login.

When you need to edit the configuration or see the status of Process Lasso, you can run Process Lasso to open the GUI -- then fully close it when you're done. There is not currently an option to NOT show the system tray icon when the GUI is running, or to always exit the GUI completely instead of minimizing to the system tray. I will add that to my todo list.

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