Specific I/O priority control coming - shown in v4.09.05, control later

Started by Jeremy Collake, December 26, 2010, 05:56:55 PM

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Jeremy Collake

Normally the I/O priority in NT 6+ (Vista/7) is based on the calling thread's priority. Therefore, Process Lasso <b>already</b> does I/O prioitization inherently. However, for those that want to manually adjust the I/O priority, I'm giving you that capability. I debated this for a bit, as I'm not sure it is something the average user should change.. then I thought, well my users are smarter than the average users. By version 4.1 there will be control of current and default I/O priorities for processes.

For now, in v4.09.05 beta, it just shows the priorities - and in their numeric form. This will change quickly as I finish the functionality.

Oh, this new beta build (v4.09.05) also had a great new performance optimization that may save considerable CPU cycles (yea, I know, not like many are spent as-is.. but still).
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