System services not restrained?

Started by kufat, December 28, 2010, 02:08:35 AM

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We are currently evaluating Process Lasso on our testing servers and so far it has been working as expected.  However, we encountered a problem and would like to seek for assistance. 

As shown in the attached screenshot, we have unchecked "Exclude system services", "Exclude processes of non-normal priority" and "Exclude foreground processes".  However, under the "Rules" column, the "X"s still appeared for some processes and so they were not restrained by Process Lasso.

May I ask if there is a way to prevent exclusions?

Thanks a lot.

Jeremy Collake

Yes, there is.

The X is still there because those particular processes are hard-coded exclusions. You CAN over-ride these. Sadly, I see my handling of multiple process selections does not work when over-riding hard-coded exclusions. I just added the over-ride ability in v4 and did not extend it to multiple selections.

So, you'll have to right click each of those processes INDIVIDUALLY and choose to unexclude it. It will ask if you want to over-ride the hard-coded exclusion, and you say, 'Yes' (and maybe check 'do not ask again'). I'm sorry for the extra labor and will get the multi-select hard-coded exclusion over-ride fixed in v4.1 final. Alternatively, you could add their names manually to the INI configuration file in the appropriate key (OocHardCodedExclusionOverrides=), using a semi-colon delimiter.

The question might be asked why the hard-coded exclusions exist. Mostly, they are there to prevent the 'Average Joe' from having any conceivable problems. I may slim the default list in the Server Edition, as those users obviously know more about what they are doing and can make the decision for themselves.

Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.


Thank you very much for your prompt response.  I will manually remove the "X".