3D Mark 11 Basic Edition and Process Lasso

Started by TfH, December 28, 2010, 02:11:24 PM

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My friend said that Process Lasso has impact on Super PI and that makes fine tuning/overclocking more accurate. I was wondering that how (poorly) my computer survives on latest 3D mark?

Without Process Lasso:
Score: P3328 3DMarks
URL to full report:

With Process Lasso:
Score: P3381 3DMarks
URL to full report:

Before testing i was sure that Process Lasso helps my computer surviving better on 3D Mark testing :)

Jeremy Collake

To any readers, the benchmarks show Process Lasso's run as having a bit of an advantage in performance ;) Although Process Lasso's ProBalance is focused on responsiveness, performance can be improved as well since it can get background applications 'out of the way'.

As with all things, it depends on system conditions. Process Lasso can't speed everything up, but what if you had something like Internet Explorer active in the background it would have sped up the benchmarking. Similarly, since is focused on improving responsiveness in some rare cases things in the background don't get done as fast (but darn close usually). It takes very few CPU cycles to make the system responsive most of the time. Taking these few cycles from background processes has a negligible impact (as you can imagine).
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Thanks for moving, wasn't sure so i posted in general.

I ment overall score, with PL it is better. I tested same on other computer with older 3D Mark and and with PL overall score is better.

Sorry if this was confusing ( language "barrier" ), my point was that PL helped being computer more stable ( responsiveness during high loads ) and being more stable gives better result in 3D Mark. I didn't ment that PL "boosted", i ment that it helped keeping all balls rolling like they should :)

I should stop posting before it's proof read few times to avoid more confusion.

EDIT: same running apps/tasks on both runs.

Jeremy Collake

This was MY mistake and I corrected my statement above (I originally said the graphs were the same, but it actually showed Process Lasso had a POSITIVE impact). I thought the graphs were identical and your language had a negative connotation (to me). The reason is the statement "before testing I *was* sure ..". This implies your opinion changed after testing unless followed by a verification that it did indeed meet your needs (or maybe I just think negatively) ;o.

So, simple misunderstanding, as happens with the language and culture barrier sometimes. No worries. Thanks for your continued support and work in Finland ;)
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Thanks for reply, and no worries :)

In every language there is different punctuations etc and it's really easy to misread( is that correct word?) and misunderstand when typing in foreign language. That's normal, no worries :)