ProcessLasso & ParkControl running together, unnecessary?

Started by d3v, April 17, 2017, 04:55:32 PM

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I've had parkcontrol running for years but only just discovered processlasso. i've got them both running together but suspect processlasso is doing what parkcontrol does, also also could be interferring with one another?


No interference between those two.
If you want to be able to edit park of cores you will need Parkcontrol.
Processlasso no longer comes with PC, you do have Bitsum HP power plan but that disables parked cores, so if you want some form of parked cores its fine to run both.
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why doesn't processlasso do what parkcontrol does?
Also why is processlasso or parkcontrol set bitsum high performance when i boot up the PC? I want it to be on power saver mode....


It depends on how you set it up.

If you just want core parking disabled while X app is running or when system is not idling, PL will do this fine,
you have all options and features it brings.

If you want to manually edit one or all of power plans Park contorl does this, my guess you have the boost feature enabled and that is why your in BHP mode.

It all depends on what your trying to do as what needs to be installed or running on the system.
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Jeremy Collake

These two should work seamlessly together unless you have some odd setup. ParkControl's features are pretty exclusive. I was going to add some to Process Lasso, then decided against it. So, they operate together and do so well.

Now, you would not want to use the power plan automation (Dynamic Boost of ParkControl and IdleSaver or other of Process Lasso) together. You would use one or the other for that. That is the only duplication.

They both share the created 'Bitsum Highest Performance' power plan.
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