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ddwrt-webui-rebuild not work

Started by loc nguyen, November 02, 2016, 06:22:39 AM

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loc nguyen

I'm a student, i try to change logo ddwrt with firmware mod kit - not to sell, it's only for education. I try to extract web ui with ddwrt-webui-extract and replace the logo in folder "www" by my logo, after that i rebuild with ddwrt-webui-rebuild but nothing happens , it only appears "zero files.... " . How can i do that? Thank you very much.

Jeremy Collake

I would recommend you choose OpenWrt or a derivative (like Gargoyle) as it will be easier to modify. As for DD-WRT, they used to put their whole web UI in a binary blob to 'protect' it.

So if the FMK has an issue, log it at the Google Code site and maybe somebody gets to it someday, unless this is paying work - something I'd not have time for anytime soon anyway. :o

Sorry I don't have better news. Maybe someone else does.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.

loc nguyen

Thanks for your reply. My projects is with DDWRT, It's really a bad new  :-[

Jeremy Collake

I recalled later that we did add support to decompress their www files, then they broke that, then we repaired it.. It's a tool called 'webcomp' iirc.

So it may be that they did intentionally break it again, but I do not know for sure. You should contact them.
Software Engineer. Bitsum LLC.