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TS installation question

Started by hece, December 14, 2016, 12:00:54 PM

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I have a question about the installation instruction for terminal servers.

"In the config dialog that follows that one, simply tell the core engine to manage only processes in its session (the default setup). This is how Process Lasso was designed to work, and is how it operates best."

Does this mean?
a) Manage only the current users processes
b) Manage ALL precesses PL has access to

And whats about the storage location? Per User?

Thank you


Quote from: Jeremy Collake on December 14, 2016, 01:33:01 PM
Each environment is different. Despite my old guidance, I have later found that a Governor-as-Service is best for Terminal Servers, and will be even better for v9 (so I need to adjust some docs, thanks for the heads up!).

Recommend NOW:
1. Governor as service
2. Manage ALL processes
3. Use a centralized storage location (single config file).


Please can you confirm if these settings you recommended in December 2016 are still the true recommended settings for use on a multi user RDS server?

The documentation found here still contradicts this recommendation?

Jeremy Collake

The answer depends on how you use Process Lasso.

If you require processes to ever be restarted by Process Lasso rules, then it is best to set the Governor to run in every session, managing the processes in that session. That way the Governor can restart processes under the appropriate user context.

Otherwise, it is simpler to run the Governor as a single service managing all user processes.
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