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Started by Joviathan, December 19, 2016, 04:29:56 PM

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Please forgive me if there was a specific place is should have started this thread instead of here! I'm not good at forums..
My problem lies with Watch dogs 2. For some reason i can't classify it as a game i gets a error message reading "error retrieving the process name. This is probably due to insufficient access rights or perhaps the process has already terminated". I've tried Opening the game as administrator, adding the exe in designate game processes but it won't work.
It also has to mentioned the game keeps messing around with the priority settings from high to normal when opening the game, even tho Lasso it's set to High in the Always settings.
Last thing there is a Anti cheat system as well called Easyanticheat, witch I've tried disabling when opening the game, even in forced mode with no luck.
So my question is does it even matter if the check box for classify as game is checked?
Or is it enough that the game is added in the designate game processes list, for Processes lasso to optimize the game as good as any other?


It seems this game has some issues with changing anything with its process .

See if you can add the actual game exe to game mode through option menu>game mode settings> designate game process.

If that don't work, best I can say for now, is just set PL to game mode manually, you can do it easy with tray icon, right click menu.

One of biggest things is setting power profile to BHP, which game mode should do.

That's best I can think for now till the Dev (Jeremy) can get to bottom of whats going on.
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Jeremy Collake

Some games half self-protection mechanisms, so that is a possibility. Can you not just use the basename of the game (process exe)?

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